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12 style performances for YAMAHA MONTAGE / MODX / MODX+

Before installing this library file, please make a Backup File !


Library file (.X8L) content 12 styles performances, 80 new arps, 1 live set (900ko)


How to play performances styles


The keyboard is split into 2 areas : left hand plays chords and right hand plays the melody.

Split note is usually on C3 but sometimes on E3 or F3.

Styles with a name ending in F : The lowest note of the chord determines the note that will be played by the bass part, this is like the “fingered on bass” mode of the Yamaha Genos which allows you to play much richer chords. For the other styles, the bass part will systematically play the fundamental note of the chord. You can play chords either with 3 or 4 fingers.


You can use the 8 scene memory to build your song as you would do on an arranger :


Scene 1 : Intro

Scene 2 : Variation 1

Scene 3 : Fill 1

Scene 4 : Variation 2

Scene 5 : Fill 2

Scene 6 : Variation 3

Scene 7 : Fill 3

Scene 8 : Ending




Pop Rock

Split C3

The super Knob adjusts the distortion level of the guitar


Modern Disco.F

Split C3

Right hand play strings, with velocity >80 you play brass



Split C3


8Beat ballad

Split C3



Split E3


Epic Movie.F

Split F3

Part8 is an electric guitar (Morricone style) you can demute



Split C3



Split C3



Split C3

The super Knob adjusts cutoff of leadsynth


Blues Shuffle.F

Split F3



Split E3


Cool Jazz

Split C3



Split C3

12 Performances arranger styles

19,00 €Prix
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